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My followers are always asking for product recommendations. Now I’ve made it even easier to let you know what products I like, the products my athletes use, and products that are high quality & RD-approved!

Check out my new Amazon Shop: to shop all my top recommendations.

Are you an Endurance Athlete competing in marathons, triathlons, Iron Man? Check out these products designed to provide you the carb fuel you need to maintain performance and keep from bonking!

Maintaining adequate hydration is important for athletes and regular humans alike! These specially formulated products provide the electrolytes you need to replace sweat losses, especially if you're a heavy, salty sweater or training in hot/humid environments. Keep performing optimally, prevent injuries & cramping, maintain cognitive function, and stay in the game longer with these products!

Whether you're needing some quick carb-fuel before training or a game, or another burst of energy at half-time, these products got you covered! Designed to deliver carb energy simple and fast, these are easy to throw in your bag and have on hand when you need it.

Recovering effectively is important for athletes and active individuals! These products are a combination of carb and protein-rich powders and beverages to help your Refuel and Repair post-training. Also included is tart cherry juice, another great tool for your recovery arsenal.

Trying to gain weight or have high calorie needs that are challenging to meet all the time with a busy schedule? Check out some of these dietitian-approved bars that can be a convenient way to keep you fueled up on the go, or boost your overall calories for the day.

Looking for some snack ideas? Here's a few products I love that can be regularly found in my cabinets and drawers! Here's some additional ideas on how to build a healthy snack:

If you know me, you know I'm a FOOD FIRST gal and big on supplement safety. There are a few supplements that can definitely support an athlete safely and effectively. I do recommend seeking qualified advice (like from a Registered Dietitian!) before adding supplements in, especially if you're a younger athlete, but here are some performance-enhancing, 3rd party tested supplements I regularly recommend to my clients.

The right kitchen gadgets can take the headache out of meal prep. I'm obsessed with my air fryer and Instant Pot and have successfully trained my boyfriend and teenage daughter on how to make just about anything in these bad boys.

Finally, need some Sports Nutrition reading material? Whether you're an athlete, RD2Be, or dietitian, there's some great resources on this list.

What else would you like to see in the Shop? Drop me a line on social or via email: and let me know!


I will soon be launching my new E-Course, "The Performance Nutrition Fuel-Kit Workshop"!

This workshop will include everything you need to know to build a GAME WINNING fueling plan. It's the equivalent of working with me 1-on-1 for 3 months, all rolled into a self-paced online course!

All registrants will receive an incredible workbook that includes all my hottest handouts, worksheets, homework, comprehension check quizzes, and a ton of new resources I've created just for YOU!

A special launch discount will be awarded to all that are pre-registered.

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