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Services for individuals, teams, clubs, gyms, and other organizations


Whether you're a competitive athlete or a serious recreational exerciser, an individualized sports nutrition program can provide you the edge you need to maximize performance, master recovery, and achieve your health goals.

Common Areas Addressed through 1:1 Coaching:

Fueling for Performance

Eating for Recovery

Muscle Building

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Supplement Usage & Recommendations


Off Season Weight Gain/Loss

Underfueling/Female Athlete Triad

Eating on the Road

Vegetarian/Vegan Athletes

Game Day & Tournament Fueling

Elite Services

Who Elite Services Are Right For:

Middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as competitive adult recreational athletes, needing education and support around:

  • Optimizing performance 

  • Improving energy levels

  • Increasing endurance

  • Recovering faster

  • Reducing soreness

  • Healing from injury

  • Navigating fueling or gut issues

  • Developing a fueling plan

  • Modifying body composition

  • Choosing meals and snacks on-the-go

Pro Services

Who Pro Services Are Right For:

Professional and high level athletes seeking concierge-type services and support that may include:

  • Calculating macronutrients for performance optimization or body composition goal

  • Coordinating with private chef or meal prep service

  • Collaborating with performance/wellness staff

  • Planning travel/game day nutrition

  • Developing supplement and vitamin protocols

  • Ordering and analyzing bloodwork

  • Optimizing hydration and fueling strategies


I offer a variety of other services that can be customized to meet the needs of your group, team, club, or organization.

Email me at: to discuss!

Group & Organization Services:

Workshops, Seminars, & Presentations

Team Talks

Content Development (graphics, handouts, resources)

Nutrition Writing (blogs, newsletters, articles)

Recipes Nutrition Analysis

Meal Plan & Menu Development

Supermarket Tours

Fuel Station Design

Cooking Demonstrations

Video Creation


Presentation Topics:

Performance Nutrition Basics

Eating to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Travel Nutrition: Packing Fuel and Eating Out

Eating in the Off-Season

Hydration 101

Supplements 101

Injury Prevention

Debunking Fad Diets

Plant Based Nutrition for Athletes

...and more!

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Past & Current Group Clients:

Phenom Basketball

Red Bull


6 Points Sports Academy Coaching Staff

Legends Lacrosse

New Zealand Men’s Volleyball

Tour Time New Zealand

Body Dynamix Endurance Athlete Workshop

GO Gymnastics

Gymnast 360 Retreat - Victory Gymnastics 

Royal High School Wrestling Team

Brazil Sports Academy - Basketball Athletes

Super 70 Basketball Camp

Team USA Surfing Juniors

Army ESports Team

Agoura High School Track & Field

Oaks Christian Middle School Female Athletes

Santa Clara University Chiropractic Students

Stevenson University Men's Basketball

Girl Scouts of Orange County - The Lounge

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