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About the Course:

This incredibly comprehensive sports nutrition course is the perfect tool for providing nutrition education to athletes in strength & power sports.

Beautifully designed slides and a workbook filled with helpful handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and homework assignments all designed for athletes to truly understand how to fuel their bodies effectively and learn to make the right food choices at the right time. 

Here's what's included:

  • 94 slide (Canva) presentation with full edit ability. Change any of the content, colors, and rebrand with your own logo.

  • 65-page workbook (Canva & Google Doc files) with full editing rights.

  • Speaker Notes (44 pages!) that I used to record videos for the online course version.


How you can use this:

  • Give a series of presentations & team talks 

  • Create a multi-week in-person course

  • Create your own online course

Preview of What's Included:

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1: Estimating Fueling Needs

  • Unit 2: Types of Fuel

    • Part 1 - Carbohydrates

    • Part 2 - Protein

    • Part 3 - Fats

  • Unit 3: Performance Plates

  • Unit 4: Fueling Plan

    • Part 1 - Before Activity​

    • Part 2 - Recovery Nutrition

    • Part 3 - Tournament & Game Day Fueling

  • Unit 5: Hydration Plan

  • Unit 6: Supplement Safety

Workbook Preview:



for 12 months


for 6 months


for 3 months


paid in full

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