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About the Bundle:​

Includes 17 non-branded PDF handouts for use with athletes and active individuals!

  1. Hand Guide

  2. MyFitnessPal tutorial

  3. How To Read A Food Label Guide

  4. Plant-Based Protein Sources

  5. Animal-Based Protein Sources

  6. Fat Portion Size Guide

  7. Performance Plate Guide

  8. My Performance Foods Worksheet

  9. Athlete Grocery Shopping List

  10. Pre-Training Snack Ideas

  11. Recovery Nutrition Ideas

  12. Tournament & Game Day Fueling Guide

  13. Balanced Snack Pairings

  14. Travel Ready Food & Snacks

  15. Sample Athlete Meal Plan

  16. Monitoring Hydration Status Guide

  17. Should I Supplement? Decision Tree


Purchasing Options:

  • Logo-Free Bundle: Set of 17 handouts as-is, without branding

  • White-Labeled Bundle: Completely customize (Canva file) with your logo, colors, and fonts

  • Full Service Customization: Need help customizing? I'll edit colors, fonts, and logos for you.



logo-free bundle​


white-labeled bundle


full service customization

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