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Are you a student, intern, or new dietitian interested in the exciting field of sports nutrition? Let's chat about how to achieve your dream job!

In 2015 I set a goal of working with athletes at the highest levels of sport as a Sports Dietitian, by 2019 I landed an incredible opportunity at Kobe Bryant's MAMBA Sports Academy and by 2022 I was offered a position as the LA Clipper's Lead Sports Dietitian. 

I did this as a 30-something mother with no background in sports, but a game plan to achieve my goal of working my "dream job".  It wasn't a direct path and required hard work, tenacity, resourcefulness, and unwavering confidence in my ability to achieve my end goal.

I see a gap in this space of career coaching. Many students, interns, and new dietitians aspire to work with athletes in the field of sports nutrition, but don't know how to get there. I want to help fill that gap by offering 1-on-1 career coaching calls to help guide you in the right direction, build your confidence, and help you develop a game plan for achieving YOUR dream job.

Do you have a game plan? 

Here's some sample topics about what we can cover on a Career Coaching Strategy Call:

  • Getting Your Foot in the Door: Helping aspiring sports dietitians figure out their pathway to breaking into an exciting industry.

  • Skill Development: Identifying and enhancing essential skills, such as communication, leadership, counseling, and critical thinking, to excel in the sports dietetics profession.

  • Confidence Coaching: Getting over Impostor Syndrome and owning your unique set of skills, expertise, and special sauce.

  • Entrepreneurship and Private Practice: Guiding dietitians interested in starting their own private practice, including business planning, tools to use, and marketing strategies.

  • Social Media Coaching: Advising on how to develop an authentic voice and presence on social media and leverage it to educate, network, and business build.

  • Networking Strategies: Advising on how to build a professional network within the field, including attending conferences, joining professional organizations, and utilizing social media platforms.

  • Job Search Techniques: Teaching effective job search strategies, such as using online job boards, leveraging professional connections, and proactively reaching out to potential employers.

  • Resume Building and Cover Letters: Assisting with creating effective resumes and cover letters that highlight relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

  • Interview Preparation: Providing guidance on how to prepare for job interviews, including common interview questions, techniques to showcase strengths, and tips for presenting oneself confidently.​

Who My Services Are Right For:

  • Students currently enrolled in a university dietetics program

  • RD2Be's currently in their dietetic internship

  • Newly credentialed dietitians looking to work in sports nutrition

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