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The Ugly Truth About #FITSPO

At the height of my disordered eating and body dysmorphia, I looked like the poster child for health. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Most days I ate under 1,000 calories. I spent my whole day in the gym lifting, doing cardio, posing in front of mirrors, and taking selfies. I ate a bowl full of supplements everyday for breakfast, most ineffective or dangerous. I regularly broke down in tears feeling like I wasn’t lean enough. All the while sharing my journey as #fitspo.

I was a toxic human being.

See when you’re caught up in this world, obsessed about aesthetics and the never ending pursuit for a 6-pack, all the crazy things you’re doing start to look normal. Your social media feed is filled with #nodaysoff #noexcuses mantras, people hitting the gym on Christmas and Thanksgiving, Tupperware in tow to any social functions, or just skipping any sort of social interaction whatsoever to allow for more time focused on the obsession...or to dodge criticism from concerned friends/family.

You’re constantly comparing yourself to other people’s bodies, other people’s progress, and other people’s process. More time in the gym...okay. More cardio...okay. More pills...okay. Less food...okay. If it jiggles or dimples, you’re a failure.

This 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 toxic. This 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 health.

This is why I became a dietitian. I learned the hard way that I was on the wrong path. I saw my metabolism tank. Hair falling out. Muscles wasting. Frequent injuries. Never really feeling great - physically or mentally.

If any of this sounds like you, I promise you there is a better way.

I promise you no 6-pack or muscle striation will ever be enough or ever fill the void you’re trying to fill. And girlfriend (or my dude!!), when you discover how to love yourself, love your body, and stop with the gets a whole lot better.


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