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A consolidated resource of best practices in sports nutrition for practitioners. This 7-page quick reference guide covers:


  • Estimating athlete energy needs
  • Carbohydrate needs by sport, pre/post exercise
  • Protein needs by athlete type/goal, recovery
  • Fat recommendations
  • Hydration needs, calculating sweat losses
  • Best practices for body composition changes
  • Components of Female Athlete Triad/RED-S
  • Nutrients of concern with lab values, supplementation
  • Supplements/ergogenic aids with dosage/timing


PLUS includes a spreadsheet-based calculator for easy calculations.

Sports Nutrition Cheat Sheet & Calculator

  • All sales are final. Duplication or distribution of this digital file in any way, without expressed consent from Jessica Isaacs, RD, is striclty prohibited. Don't be a jerk.

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