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Eating Mindfully During Quarantine

Are stress and boredom eating plaguing you during quarantine?

It's NORMAL to stress eat when things feel out of our control. It's also normal to eat when boredom strikes, both of which may be happening a lot more often lately.

The Hunger-Fullness Scale describes varying degrees of hunger and fullness to help identify how hungry or full we truly are, to help us know when to start or stop eating.

Using the Hunger-Fullness Scale allows us to tap into our body's built-in appetite regulating system to help shift towards eating more mindfully.

When you begin to shift towards tuning into your body more, you’re also able to make better adjustments for when your energy (or food) needs increase or decrease based on physical activity & other bodily changes.

Try to stick between a 3-7 on the Hunger & Fullness scale, which for most people means eating every 3-4 hours.

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