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Bang is all the rage, but should you be pounding it or pounding your head against the wall?

Let's discuss.

Bang is an energy drink getting a lot of hype in the fitness realm for its inclusion of "super creatine" and BCAA's, in addition to its hefty 350mg dose of caffeine.


First, let's talk about the caffeine.

While there are many well researched and documented benefits regarding caffeine and performance, there are safe limits established for age/weight groups.

Adults: 300-400mg per day

13-18 year olds: 100mg MAX daily

Under 12: caffeine not recommended

Bang contains 350 mg caffeine per serving


Before we explore some of the other ingredients, let's discuss labeling & safety

Energy drinks like Bang can classify themselves as a dietary supplement or beverage.

Bang considers itself a "beverage", however energy drinks face less rigid scrutiny than other beverages like soda.


Now what's so "super" about that creatine?


The amount of creatine is not indicated on Bang's label.

Bang is being sued over claims the creatine doesn't actually convert to a form that our bodies can use when consumed.

Additionally, to get the performance enhancing benefits of creatine, the appropriate dose must be consumed consistently, over time.

Since we don't know how much creatine is in Bang or if it's a usable form, that's problematic.


As with creatine, the amount of BCAAs in Bang is not indicated.

BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids. While we do need to get these in our diet, we can get them from protein-rich foods.


Dietitian Recommendation:

Pass on Bang

  • Use safer forms of caffeine, if needed/appropriate (coffee/tea)

  • Opt for a 3rd party tested creatine monohydrate supplement for creatine

  • Eat protein-rich foods for BCAAS

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