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There seems to be as much controversy over soy as there is with politics.

But it's not polite to talk politics, so let's talk tofu!

What is soy?

A nutrient-dense, plant-based protein source

Member of the legume family

Common soy foods: tofu, edamame, soy milk, soy-based protein powder

What's the deal with soy & estrogen?

Soy contains phytoestrogen, a plant estrogen.

It's similar to human estrogen, but with a much weaker effect.

Phytoestrogen can WEAKLY bind to estrogen receptors in the body and can cause either estrogen-like or anti-estrogen effects.

What's the impact?

When it comes to concerns with women and breast cancer, large population studies have NOT shown an association between soy and breast cancer.

How about muscle mass & testosterone?

Soy protein has been shown to be AS EFFECTIVE as whey/animal proteins when it comes to increasing muscle mass (in conjunction with a resistance training program).

In human studies, no abnormal changes to testosterone have been demonstrated.

One rat study demonstrated soy decreased testosterone levels. However, a 190 lb human would have to consume 18 CUPS of soybeans in a single day to hypothetically replicate this effect.

Tofu Takeaway

Current studies indicate soy (preferably minimally processed forms) foods can be safely consumed and enjoyed by MEN & WOMEN alike.

Any potential adverse effects from soy consumption have only been demonstrated at amounts much greater than a human would or even COULD consume in a day.


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