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Updated: May 6, 2020

As if getting people to drink enough regular water wasn't hard enough, here comes alkaline water with its added benefits of

...being the same as regular water, but more expensive.

Most drinking water has a pH between 6.5 to 8.5

Anything above a 7.0 is considered "alkaline"

Alkaline water has minerals added in to lower the pH and make it more basic

The pH of alkaline water products varies between 7.4-9.5

The claimed miracles of this magical water range from weight loss, boosting energy, increasing life expectancy, and even reversing aging.

Drink alkaline water and you'll be a real life Benjamin Button!

'Round here we don't practice pHake news, we prefer science

So let's break this down:

  • The body maintains a nice, stable blood pH around 7.35-7.45

  • This pH is tightly regulated by the kidneys and lungs, our body's built in buffering systems

Why tightly regulated?

A pH too low or too high means coma, heart failure, organ failure, death

Since our kidneys and lungs are pH regulating machines, what we eat/drink doesn't really even affect the pH of our blood!

And here's some science Jesse would really get a kick out of...

The pH of stomach acid is 1.5-3.5

When your basic water mixes with your acidic stomach is NEUTRALIZED


Oil & water don't mix

Keep the snake oil out of your water bottle

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