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"Creatine is a Steroid" - Fact or Whack?

Updated: Jul 28

Fact or Whack: Creatine is a steroid


Fact: There are mounds of evidence to support creatine’s ability to enhance athletic performance and delay fatigue.

It’s particularly beneficial for high intensity, brief duration (10-20 sec), explosive activities (sprinting, jumping, weight lifting).

Creatine is helpful for gaining lean muscle mass (with training/diet in place supportive of growth).

Creatine has also been shown to be protective of the brain and improve recovery post-concussion.

Some quick FAQs about creatine:

1. Yes, it may cause some fluid gain initially.

2. No, it is not a steroid in any way, we make creatine in our bodies and consume it in animal foods.

3. No, it does not interfere with hormones

4. No, it does not harm kidneys when taken in recommended doses.

5. Yes, it is recognized as generally safe

Always use a 3rd party product

Generally a standard dosage is 3-5 grams/day (cycling on/off not necessary) and can be supplement before, during, or right after physical activity.

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