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Set of 5 Sample Fueling Plans


These plans provide a recommended fueling timeline for:

  • Morning Training
  • Afternoon Training
  • 2-A-Day Training
  • Morning Games/Events
  • Evening Games/Events


Includes suggested meals, snacks, pre-training snacks, post-training snacks, half-time fueling, and beverage recommendations.


These plans are intended to provide examples of when and how to fuel, but are not intended to be prescriptive. Individual needs vary based on age, body size, training intensity, training duration, level of competition, performance goals, and many other factors. 


Individual preferences and avoidances also vary. These plans are based off an omnivore diet (eats animal proteins) and would require some substitutions to fit the needs of vegetarian/vegan athletes.

Sample Fueling Plans

  • Delivered as a PDF bundle. Not intended for reproduction or distribution.

    Dietitians and other professionals interested in a logo-free, reproducible option for client education should select this product instead:


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