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Looking for a tool to use with your clients/patients that focuses on nutrients and portions instead of tracking calories and macros?


Say less! 


I use this tool in my practice with ED clients and those where calorie tracking isn't useful or can even be harmful. Instead we keep it simple and focus on the important stuff - meeting nutrient needs daily.


This tool functions as both a method for tracking how well the client/patient is meeting their needs for each nutrient group daily, as well as a goal to work towards.


To use this in your practice you'll first need to determine you client's/patient's daily nutrient needs for each category and fill in.


The PDF download includes instructions on how to do this + a chart on converting grams of macronutrients into hand portions. Also included are 3 example sheets for different calorie ranges.


*This product is intended for practitioner use only and is not a meal plan or guide. If you are an individual looking for a Portion Tracker Sheet created for you based on your needs, please email me at:

Portion Tracker Sheets

  • You may reprint and use this resource with your clients. Other practitioners should purchase their own copy for usage with their clients, however.

    Reproduction or distribution in any other way is strictly prohibited without expressed consent from Jessica Isaacs, RD.

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