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This bundle includes 13 awesome sports nutrition handouts for athletes! 



  • Building Performance Plates
  • Athlete Grocery Shopping List
  • Hand Guide
  • How to Read a Food Label
  • Travel Ready Food & Snacks
  • Animal-Based Protein Sources
  • Plant-Based Protein Sources
  • Pre-Training Snacks
  • Recovery Nutrition Ideas
  • Tournament & Game Day Fueling
  • Building a Balanced Snack
  • Monitoring Hydration Status
  • Sample: Eat Like an Athlete Meal Plan


Use these tools to help guide you in making nutrition choices to improve energy, performance, and recovery! Whether you're an athlete or a parent of an athlete, these resources are a MUST HAVE!

Athlete Sports Nutrition Handout Bundle

  • This handout bundle is intended for personal use only. Do not reproduce or distribute in any way without prior consent from Jessica Isaacs, RD.

    If you are a professional looking for handouts to use in your practice, please choose this option instead:

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