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Personalized, customizable weekly meal planning service

Weekly meal plans?

Grocery lists?

Dietitian-approved recipes?

This interactive meal planning platform, powered by EatLove, provides delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes that are Dietitian-curated and anything but cookie-cutter!

Whether you're looking to achieve a healthy weight or need a meal plan to manage a medical condition, this tool offers a customizable and personalized experience.


Each package includes a 30-minute Onboarding Session with me, a Registered Dietitian, to determine your nutrition prescription based on your:

  • Health and Lifestyle Goals: Eat More Veggies, Bone Health, Increase Energy, Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Increase Fiber, Low Sodium

  • Medical Conditions: Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Celiac, Iron Deficiency, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding

  • Dietary Preferences: Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Omnivore

  • Allergies and Avoidances: Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Animal Proteins, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Corn

  • Eating habits, cooking skill level, family members, and more...

The Onboarding Session also includes a demonstration and guided overview of EatLove.

You will receive personalized meal plans each week complete with recipes, grocery lists, and an easy prep guide. 


With EatLove, you have the ability to  swap out what you don't like, bulk prep and favorite meals you do like, get restaurant recommendations based on your goals, and can order groceries directly through InstaCart or Amazon Fresh.



Click "Get Started" to schedule your Onboarding Session and set up payment.

Slots are limited!

Payments are processed through PayPal and due before your Onboarding Session.


Who is this service right for?

This service is appropriate for individuals willing to commit some time weekly reviewing suggested meal plan and making desired changes, grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking. While there are recipe filters to limit ingredients, prep time, and cooking skill level, this program works best for someone comfortable in the kitchen.

Is individualized nutrition coaching provided?

While I will personalize your platform with unique nutrition prescription based on your needs and goals, this service is not the same as ongoing nutrition coaching. Your plans will be auto-generated based on your prescription and preferences and you will have the ability to make changes as desired on your end.

At this time individualized support is limited to the following:

  • For the 3-month package: Onboarding Session and 1 -15 minute Check-In Call (phone or video) scheduled around Month 2 of the service.

  • For the 12-month package: Onboarding Session, 4 - 15 minute Check-In Calls (phone or video), and In-App Messaging. In-App Messaging is intended to address brief questions.

Check-In Calls provide an opportunity to discuss progress, concerns, and make adjustments to the nutrition prescription, as needed.

Is the Meal Planning Service for athletes?

While this service can be used for athletes, it is only appropriate for those with available time to dedicate to planning and preparing meals and may not be appropriate for younger athletes without parent support.

Additionally, for those with high calorie needs that also need guidance on timing, this service may not be a good fit. For these athletes, I would recommend my 1-on-1 Performance Nutrition Coaching service that DO include meal plans and guidance.

Are payment plans available?

At this time the total cost of the package is due before the Onboarding Session.

What if I'm not tech savvy?

EatLove can be accessed via computer or app. While the platform is interactive and extremely user friendly, it may not be appropriate for someone with limited tech skills. During the Onboarding Session a brief overview and tutorial is provided. Additionally EatLove offers several how-to videos on navigating and using the platform. 

What happens after my package period ends?

At the end of your 3-Month or 12-Month service, you may extend your subscription period with EatLove. Check-ins, consults, and messaging are not included with this extension, however. Monthly subscription: $50, Annual subscription: $250.

Other questions?

Shoot me an email at and I'd be happy to answer any additional questions about the service and platform.

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