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Should you eat after evening workouts or games?

Whether you practice/compete at 8AM or 8PM - you still need to recover after! So hope you chose D!

Recovering properly as an athlete helps your body repair, heal, grow, and adapt to the all you’re throwing at it. Athletes that don’t prioritize recovery will hinder their performance potential and put themselves at an increased risk of injury.

Here’s the 3 components of recovery:

1) Refuel with carbohydrates

2) Repair with protein

3) Rehydrate with fluids and electrolytes

If you have an evening practice or game, it may make sense to move your last meal up to beforehand, but a recovery snack & fluids are still recommended afterwards within 60 minutes.

Amount appropriate for athletes depends on factors like body size, type of training (ie: team

sports vs endurance athlete), and goals, however some ideas for recovery include:

➡️Chocolate Milk

➡️Ready-To-Drink Recovery Beverages

➡️Bagel + Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, or String Cheese

➡️Cottage Cheese + Fruit

➡️Greek Yogurt + Fruit and/or Honey

➡️PB&J or PB & Honey Sandwich

➡️Turkey Sandwich

➡️Protein bar (10g+ protein) + Fruit

➡️Bread + Tuna Packet

➡️Dried Fruit + String Cheese

Bonus: Tart cherry juice like Cheribundi after hard evening training/game can support recovery by both reducing inflammation and promoting good quality sleep.

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